Bottle Feeding Babyfood

So it can be super hard to spoon feed a baby and it can also be difficult to get them to take their daily supplements. I can’t blame them, would you like a mouthful of slimy vitamin D oil? I think I’d spit it out,too.  I’ve used pouches but the consistency has to be just right and the child has to have a little dexterity. I find they work best for older kids. For little ones 4 months to a year it’s easier to feed from a bottle but they need more nutrition than just milk. My solution? Food bottles with a feeding cap and a thinner consistency of food.img_20170104_131922.jpg

It is critical that babies be exposed to a variety of fruits and vegetables from 4-9 months. This is not just for their nutritional needs but to help develop their taste buds and their tendencies towards desiring healthy foods as they grow up. It is also important to protect their immune systems and keep them as healthy as possible, while breast milk is amazing, making your own babyfood also allows you to add some immune system boosters as well.

Because different fruits and vegetables are different consistencies it is hard to give a precise recipe since all measurements are approximate. You will quickly learn what consistency comes through the feeding nipple at the rate that is suitable for your baby.

Approximate Recipe

  • 2 cups  – a mix of 2-3 fruits or veggies or salmon
  • 1/2-1 cup full fat, plain yogurt
  • 100-150 ml pumped breast milk


  • 1ml -Vitamin D
  • 3 drops OnGuard essential oil
  • 1 capsule each of JuicePlus+ Red, Green & Purple (Fruits,Veggies and Berries)

Additional Resources

For info regarding what foods are safe to introduce at what times: Wholesome Baby Food

Two trusted doctors that I use for research and questions regarding best foods for baby or general health:  Dr. Sears (America’s Pediatrician) Dr. Axe (Doctor of Natural Medicine)

For more information regarding the supplements I use: JuicePlus+ and Doterra Essential Oils


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Joseph’s JuicePlus+Story

chewablesnowhiteOur poor little Joseph had so many health issues as a little one. As soon as he was able to chew the JuicePlus+ Chewables I got him started on them.  His health got so much better! His pediatrician was amazed at how much healthier he was since he went from sick ALL the time to virtually never being sick. After a year of constant doctor appointments we suddenly stopped needing to see the doctor every week! Then one day I ran out of the purple chewables about a week before my next deliver was coming. Since the purple ones are the ones that help with immune resistance I really should have been more on top of these because the next day he got the flu! We went back to our pediatrician while I anxiously waited for the deliver of chewables to come in. She couldn’t understand how he got so sick so suddenly when he had been doing so well. As soon as the chewables came in I got him started back on a double dose and shocked his pediatrician with how quickly he recovered! Her comments to me was “I’ve never heard of this JuicePlus+ before but if it works that well for him don’t ever let him run out again!”