Essential Oils

When I first started using Essential Oils my husband called them “snake oil”. I ignored him and used them anyway, because I was desperate. I was sick and had two sick babies, one that had been in and out of specialists offices for over a year and nothing had worked. I was skeptical but I was willing to try anything. Then he saw them start working. So many issues we had were cleared up using essential oils that now whenever we face a health issue he says “Do you have a oil for that?”. It is now his first go-to for everything!

I LOVE This Stuff!

Essential Oil Blends – Guest Blogger Lauren Dragone

Making an Essential Oil Rollerball

Helping Babies Sleep

Juice Plus+

Thanks to Juice Plus+ our family is much healthier than we would be otherwise.  Juice Plus+ has changed our lives and I want to share our family’s Juice Plus+  story with you.

Hubby’s Story

My Story

Daniel’s Story

Joseph’s Story

Juice Plus+ has helped us so much that I want all of my family and friends to know about it so they can have the same great experiences that we have had. You can learn more at my Juice Plus+ website. There is great resources including medial research studies, doctor’s reviews and great informational videos like the one below.




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