I was driving home today from a doctor’s appointment where I got a diagnosis that was very difficult to hear. I’m thinking of all the ways that this “label” could effect my life, including the fact that forevermore people are going to define me and who I am by using this label. I am not a label and who I am has not changed. I want my life to amount to so much more than labels and limitations.

While I’m driving I’m listening to a podcast about strengths and giftings and how to apply those in everyday life and the speaker told a story about her weekend with her little two year old. He hates his car-seat and he will scream and throw a tantrum everytime he is in it until they arrive at their destination. Well, this past weekend she took him to get ice cream and play at his favorite playground. But he didn’t understand where they were going, he just knew that right now he was strapped into a chair and so he screamed the entire way.

Well, God is trying to take use to our equivalent of ice cream and favorite slides but we don’t understand that the way to get there is through this time that we don’t like. So I’m gong to try to stop focusing on this current circumstance that I don’t like and anticipate the playground and ice cream  at the end.

What is your current “car-seat circumstance”? Is it health? wayward children? sleepless nights? finances? relationships? Try shifting your perspective from the immediate unpleasantness to the potential God has to use this for great joy and blessing. It hard to do. I don’t expect to find out what my playground and ice cream experience is going to be for several years. But I know God has one in store and I know it’s going to be worth the unpleasantness of the current ride.


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