I LOVE This Stuff!!!

img_1851What is it that I am suddenly in love with? Lavender oil. This stuff is amazing!

I’ve used it for bug bites and it takes the sting right out. Amazing!

My son has a bad habit of picking at his bites and leaving gaping bloody spots but a few days of lavender oil and you would never know it was there.

I use it for Monster Spray, to calm the boys down and help them sleep.

The boys have their own rollerball of lavender and coconut oil that they carry in their pockets for skinned knees and the other bumps and bruises of boyhood. It really cuts down on the crying and they heal faster.

Abigail’s skin is so sensitive that I can’t use any products on her but any rash she gets I roll lavender oil on and it disappears.

I also rub it all over her when we go out to keep mosquitoes away. She smells great to us but the bugs can’t stand it.

When I burn myself cooking I put lavender oil on right away and no longer have weeks of pain and scaring after bad burns. After a day or two I don’t even remember the burn.

Diffusing it also helps with sleep and putting it in my diffusing necklace is relaxing and calming.

These are a few of the ways I’ve used lavender oil recently but there is one major reason I am currently LOVING lavender oil. It saved me a week in the hospital away from my family!

Abigail was my second c-section and the recovery was excruciating. I finally thought I was healing but then I started waking up at night with itching in the area of my scar that was so bad it kept me up at night for weeks. I was so busy during the day taking care of hubby and three littles under the age of three that I didn’t pay much attention to it but when it started stealing the precious little sleep I was getting it got my attention. Let’s just say when I saw the scar in the mirror I freaked out. My husband said I should have gotten a picture, but trust me NO ONE wants to see that, (or smell it). If you are morbidly curious just google “c-section scar infection” and it was as bad as the worse photos there. I knew exactly what it was because a friend had recently had an infection in her scar and been hospitalized for a week while they treated it. I knew if I made an appointment with my OB she would have me in the hospital so fast it would make my head spin.  It was the beginning of the weekend so I decided to try lavender oil while I decided if I was going to call her on Monday or not.

My husband helped me apply it twice that day and the next. The itching stopped fairly quickly after the first application and I decided I wasn’t going to keep looking at it and freaking myself out all weekend. But when my husband went to apply the lavender oil on Sunday he gasped; “Oh,my goodness!”

“What?!What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing! It’s completely healed up. It looks Amazing! Like you never had a second c-section, amazing!”

Like I said, I LOVE this stuff!lavender-1


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