Daniel’s JuicePlus+ Story

Daniel’s Story:

Even though Daniel stays home with me he does go to the church nursery and every time there is a child with a runny nose he comes home with it. Isn’t it great how they share? chewablesnowhiteWell it would take weeks for him to get over it and no sooner would he be feeling better than another runny nose would show up in nursery and the whole cycle would start over again. I heard that Juice Plus+ had Gummy’s for kids and since we had such good experiences taking it ourselves we decided to try them for Daniel. He had a runny nose when I started him on them and it cleared up right away. After a month on them he had still not gotten a cold. We had a cold snap and he started to get a little runny nose, that morning he immediately brought me his Juice Plus+ & asked “Bitamins, Mommy?” He knew they were helping him feel better! He took his Juice Plus+ and the runny nose was gone in a day, instead of two weeks!


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