My JuicePlus+ Story

My Story:

When I was pregnant with Daniel we had many problems with my prenatals. Not only was my body not absorbing the nutrients I needed during the pregnancy but the prenatals weretriocausing additional medical problems for me to the point I was actually hospitalized because of how my body reacted to my prenatal pills. Finally my doctor told me it was safer to stop taking the pills altogether since we weren’t able to find one that worked well for me. When I became pregnant with Joseph I asked her if it was safe to take Juice Plus+. She had been trying to find a prenatal that we hadn’t already ruled out during my last pregnancy and was so happy to hear that I was considering Juice Plus+. She said Juice Plus+ was wonderful and better than any prenatal she could prescribe for me. She advised me to take it regularly as my prenatal. I had none of the issues I had with Daniel and was much healthier overall. Also, Daniel was born with very weak and gnarly nails but Joseph’s nails were strong, health, and perfectly shaped which they also linked to the Juice Plus+ I had been taking.


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