Hubby’s Juice Plus+ Story

Hubby’s Story:

A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with IBS and put on the FODMAP diet. While juice plusthis diet helped his digestive problems tremendously it also severely limited the amount of fruits and vegetables that he was able to eat because his body could not digest the natural sugars in them.  Only being able to eat meats and rice with only about 3 vegetables and a few berries began to compromise his immune system. He was missing about 3-5 days of work each month because of getting whatever sickness was going around the office.  We found the solution to be starting him on Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ has all the nutrients from Fruits and Veggies that we don’t normally get from our regular diets and since all the sugars are removed his body had no trouble digesting them. And since he started taking them he hardly ever gets the office colds.


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