Making Essential Oil Rollerballs

Essential oils are great but most of them can’t be used at full strength. I’ve learned this the hard way; (ask me sometime about putting full strength frankincense on a fresh  c-section scar).  One of the ways I get them to a usable strength is to make rollerballs filled with a carrier oil mixed with the essential oils.

These rollerballs are available from amazon for about $1 each.


Making a rollerball is so simple.

How many drops of essential oil is determined by how strong the oil is and how strong you want the final product to be. A mild oil like lavender you could use 20 drops and still apply it to a baby with no issues. A strong oil like oregano can burn your skin at full strength so use a few less drops especially if you will be using the rollerball on children.

Daniel helped me refill our OnGuard rollerball. Watch how simple it is.

Rollerballs are great to have on hand for quick application. And they are safe for the children to put on themselves. Joseph LOVES to put his oils on each morning.

My current top 4 to always have on hand are

Oregano – immune system support, we apply to our feet twice a day

Lavender – Great for EVERYTHING! My latest favorite use is to take the sting out of bug bites. It will also repel mosquitoes.  It really has hundreds of uses though.

OnGuard – This is a proprietary blend that helps support the immune system, we also apply this twice a day along with the oregano

DigestZen – another proprietary blend that helps support digestive function. IT got us over the flu! I recommend every Mama keep this on hand.

Just for fun here is one last video of Joseph applying the DigestZen to his tummy.


If for any reason you don’t want to make a rollerball but you still want the benefits of essential oils in a convenient roll on format you can always get them premixed here.



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