FodMap Friendly & Toddler Approved Rainbow Salad

In our quest to learn more about nutrition we have learned that we need to eat foods in each color of the rainbow because each color contains a different nutrient that our body needs. This was also reinforced by Daniel’s new pre-school curriculum that had a lesson about rainbow salad. In the lesson a little boy helps his mom make rainbow salad. We decided to do the same thing, so I got my trusty list of FodMap friendly foods to make sure everything we got was okay for Dad to eat and we headed to the Farmers Market.

It was lots of fun finding fruits in each color of the rainbow. We found

  • Red – Raspberries
  • Orange – Seedless Oranges
  • Yellow – Pineapple
  • Green – Kiwi
  • Blue – Blueberries
  • Purple – Grapes

When we got home Daniel pulled up his step stool and climbed up to make rainbow salad. I gave him a safety/butter knife and let him cut on a slice of pineapple while I diced the rest of it into bite-sized pieces.

I peeled the orange and let him separate the segments and add them to the bowl. He pulled the grapes of the stem and added them to the bowl. He got to push down on the slicer I have that sliced the kiwi.


Finally we added the raspberries and blueberries and he drizzled the tiniest bit of honey over the top.


YUMMY rainbow salad, beautiful and nutritious and made almost entirely by an 18 month old!


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