DIY Cat Hooded Towel

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been making my own hooded towel.  I wanted to try a cat but  search as I might I could not find a pattern for a cat hooded towel so I decided to try to design my own.  It was kind of fun to try my own creative skills on this one. Here is how I did it. (sorry for the coloring difference in some of the pictures, I worked on this project over several days/nights  and sometimes I had the florescent lamp on and other times I had natural lighting from the window.)



I started by sketching  out my face pieces. Pointy ears, a heart nose & an oval mouth with “jowls”.


Here are all the pieces cut out.  The first mouth I did flopped miserably so I came up with a new method.



I pinned the pattern with the “jowls” along the fold & cut the sides and top but not the bottom.


Then I outlined the bottom and used that as the sew line instead of cutting along it.


I sewed the nose on with a satin stitch and sewed whiskers on in black with a satin stitch.


Then I sewed the sides and top, just leaving a small opening along the top to turn it right side out.




Turn right side out through the opening at the top.


Finished mouth, don’t worry about the opening in the top. We will close that off when we attach it to the hood.



Match up the ear pieces.



Sew them together, you will have to gather the outer part to make it match up with the smaller inner part.


Turn the ears right side out.



All the face pieces ready to be sewn to the hood




Fold and pin up the edge four inches.



Sew the edge down.


Fold the top third of the towel under. Line up the mouth with the seam and lay out the other pieces, eyes right above the mouth & ears over to the side and slightly above the eyes.


Sew the top of the mouth down with a satin stitch.


Sew around each eye useing a satin stitch.


Make a small slit where the ears are to be placed and poke them through.


Useing a zigzag on the inside of the hood sew the ears in place making sure to fully catch all the edges.


Cat face! Ready to be turned into a hood.


Sew the cut edges of your towel together.


Sew a zigzag along the top of the cat hood and trim off the excess.


Take your bath towel and make a small pleat in the center. ( these pleat folds are about one inch on each side)


Line up the seam of the hood with the center of your pleat and pin in place.


Pin & sew hood to bath towel.



And there you have it, a cat hooded towel all ready to snuggle a little kitty lover.


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