DIY Hooded Towels

When Daniel was a baby he had a little ducky hooded towel that someone had given us as part of a bah time gift set. It was adorable, and he loved it, until he out grew it at 3 months old. Yeah, it was a pretty small towel & he was a really LONG baby.  So I looked around to try to find another hooded towel for him. Unfortunately I found a great quantity of expensive products of cheap fabric and craftsmanship. I wanted something soft, cuddly, absorbent and cute that would be large enough for him to use now and continue to grow into. Apparently I could not have all of those things, at least not for less than $20 and even then it was questionable. So I started searching around for how to make one myself.

I found the coolest website with lots of ideas and good instructions for how to make hooded towels called Crazy Little Projects. And since she was making them for little ones under a year up to 7 years I was pretty sure the size would be fine for him to grow into.  I made him this cute little lamb hooded towel when I found a sale on towels for $1-$3 each (depending on size).


For the life of me I can’t get him to sit still for pictures so my posing him so you could see the whole lamb head/face was pointless. I took another picture of it without the model so you can see it better.


It is still hard to get the full effect but it is super cute. I know I took pictures of each step as I made it but I cannot find them, even though I have searched all three of my photo backup systems! I basically followed all of Amber’s instructions in her Lamb Hooded Towel Tutorial. (And she has a more cooperative model for photos.) And the this towel only cost me about $3-$4 in supplies! Also the towels I uses are supper soft & cuddly and have held up to hundreds of washings. They are really an amazing quality for such a cheap deal. I found towels usually go on sale in January and again in August (back-to-school) so I try to stock up at those times.

This was a fun project but shortly after I completed it life got really busy and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to work on sewing projects so I didn’t make any more for a while. With another baby on the way I knew we would soon be needing some additional towels so I decided to make another one. Once again I checked Amber’s site for some inspiration. She had a tutorial for a monkey hooded towel but when I looked at it I wasn’t sure Daniel would recognize it as a monkey. He is going through a phase where he loves monkeys but they all have a specific look to them that I wanted to copy.


I started out following Amber’s instructions to cut a hand towel in half and pin the seam edge up 4 inches and sew it down.


Then I free hand drew eyes similar to the kind that are on his other monkeys.


Cut them out of scraps of white toweling and black toweling and pinned them to the towel right above the seam I had made.

My hubby helped draw the patterns for the next few pieces and he forgot to take pictures but here is what they looked like after he cut them out.


The mouth piece, I lightly drew a half smile on it similar to the smile on his monkey. Then I satin stitched along this outline.



Sewed the cut edge of the mouth, leaving a small opening near the top.


Turn it right side out through that hole.


I pinned it under the eyes and sewed it across the top with a satin stitch.


The ears are dark brown on the back & light brown on the front, again to try to match the monkey he already has and recognizes. Make tiny slits above the eyes and poke the ears through & sew them down. I use 2 rows of zigzag stitching to make sure they hold and will stand up to hundreds of washings.


Sew the cut edges of the towel together.


Sew another zigzag seam across the top & cut off the excess fabric. (this keeps you from having a pointy headed monkey)

Once again I forgot to take a photo of this next step but Amber has one here.

Make a small pleat  in the center of your full size bath towel and line it up with the seam on the hood you just made. Sew the two towels together.

wpid-20140810_093713.jpg wpid-20140810_093710.jpg wpid-20140810_093636.jpg

Enjoy with your little monkey!


Now that I have successfully completed two hooded towels from Amber’s site, one following her directions exactly and another branching out a bit on my own I am working on a new design all my own for a friend. Hopefully it will turn out good and I’ll be able to share another cute hooded towel with you when I finish it.






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