Make Your Own Squeezable Fruit & Yogurt Tubes

We’ve all seen and perhaps even bought these squeezable yogurt tubes for our kids. They are just so darn fun & easy, not to mention they should be a simi-healthy snack. Well if you don’t count the added sugar, gmo corn starch, artificial flavors, food dyes and other additives and preservatives. Personally I like being able to look at a ingrediant lable and be able to ponounce everything and know what it is.  I also am a BIG fan of saving money and while not the most expensive treat you can by your kids those tubes can run you $.20-$.50 per ounce.


Since I can make my own yogurt & we always have bits of fruit left at the end of the week that needs to get eaten or frozen before it goes bad I decided to ask my husband if he could think of a way to make the tube part of the treat & I could easily make the filling. Of course my ingenious, engineer came up with a solution immediately. Using our food saver he divided a one foot section of our food saver bags into four sections (he started with five but the bags were a bit skinny and the end tube came out really tiny.

He sealed one end of the bag and then vertically sealed each dividing line, makeing four tubes in the bag with one end open.  Then it was simple for me to blend yougurt & fruit in the blender, fill the tubes within an inch of the top & then seal the tops. Then I frozen the bags for later use.

When ready to use, just cut apart on the seal line between each tube & snip of the top & enjoy a healthy, taesty, good for you treat. These are great for a quick cool down in the summer but my favorite uses so far have been for soothing a teething little one and for a quick “ice pack” for the split lips that result from a 1 year old learning how to walk/fall without hurting himself.


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