Taking Care of Mommy

living-the-dreamIt’s 11 am. This morning I have:

  1. Gotten up & dressed
  2. Meet V. & her dad when she arrived for the morning
  3. Got her settled in with a toy and some music to listen to.
  4. Made a bottle up
  5. Got up the baby
  6. Changed Baby’s diaper & dressed him
  7. Took him in to see Daddy for a few minutes
  8. Feed him his bottle
  9. Settled him in with a toy and some music
  10. Packed my husbands breakfast and lunch for the day
  11. Pulled the baby off the door he was trying to break down to get to Daddy & got him settled with a toy again
  12. Unloaded the dishwasher
  13. Found hubby’s missing keys and sunglasses
  14. Helped Hubby load the car for the day
  15. Carried the baby out to say “Bye-Bye” to Daddy
  16. Brought him back in and settled him with his toy & music again
  17. Made baby’s breakfast and set it aside to cool
  18. Removed the baby from the bathroom where he was examining the diaper pail
  19. Rinsed out his night time diaper and started a load of diapers in the wash
  20. Feed the baby breakfast
  21. Loaded the dishwasher
  22. Wrangled the kids back to the play area and got them settled in again
  23. Started a batch of granola baking
  24. Cleaned up the mess kids made from pulling everything off the bookshelf
  25. Picked up the laundry that had been pulled out of the hamper and spread down the hallway by little “helpers” who wanted to do laundry. There is still a load in we can’t start another one yet.
  26. Separated fighting kids
  27. Started cleaning up the breakfast items from kids breakfast
  28. Picked up the laundry again
  29. Planned a menu for Bible Study night
  30. Wangled kids againstay-at-home-mom-ecard
  31. Planned a menu for tomorrow’s picnic/play-date
  32. Made a shopping list
  33. Checked to make sure my scheduled blog had posted
  34. Put up the finished granola
  35. Cleaned the kitchen again
  36. Read a story to a little one who brought me his blankie & book and begged “read”
  37. Read the story again
  38. And Again
  39. Flipped through the book & talked about the pictures and made noises for all the animals
  40. Put kids down for a nap

And I still haven’t gotten my own breakfast! Actually, I’m eating a bowl of the granola as I’m writing this post. I know I’m supposed to be taking care of myself, especially while I’m pregnant and especial since I don’t want to be hospitalized again. And I do a fairly good job for a week or two but then I go right back to the way it has always been. I do a great job of taking care of my family and my friends but I do a horrible job of taking care of myself because I’m really the last person on my mind. Until my body kicks in and makes me take care of myself, or worse yet, lands me in the hospital for others to take care of me.  And then who is taking care of my family?

I bought a book that I thought might help me figure out how to do this better called “Taking Care of the ME in Mommy” Unfortunately it is not available as an audiobook, the only kind I have time to “read”. So far I have managed to read the first chapter which talks about taking care of yourself spiritually. She suggests putting a family memory verse on a chalkboard and reading it each time you go past. Sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately when I did that the chalkboard fell on my husbands head while he was pouring hot water for tea & he burned himself. I think I’m going to have to stick with the index cards idea, less painful if they fall down. And my bible on audiobook.

So how do you take care of Mommy? Obviously it is a skill I am still trying to learn and not doing too great at right now.


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