Pacifier Leashes

I love the MAM pacifiers, and my little one loves them too. For the first 9 months of his life he refused to take anything else and still prefers them to any other pacifier. However, we have a problem, he keeps losing them! Initially I bought 2 MAM pacifier leashes to try to keep them on but the leashes are not of the same quality that the pacifiers are.


They use this cheap little clip with a sliding bar that doesn’t hold. Within minutes of attaching the pacifier leash it comes undone. We tried a universal leash but it had a metal clasp which rusted. As soon as I saw my little one sucking on a rusted metal clasp that went in the trash.

My aunt told me recently about someone she saw who was making their own pacifier leashes and selling them. Ironically she called to tell me about it at the same time I was searching for a solution to losing pacifiers. I wasn’t quite convinced that #1. I could find plastic clasps that would hold & #2. That making them would be cost effective. However, I decided to take a look. It took some searching but I finally found all of the necessary items on Amazon.

wpid-20140724_092741.jpg wpid-20140724_092810.jpg

These are the silicone rings, I got a pack of 10 for $9. I could have gotten clear and saved a bit more but since we have two boys I decided to spend the few extra pennies for the cuteness factor and got baby blue ones. Cost per ring: $0.90

wpid-20140724_092919.jpg wpid-20140724_092942.jpg

I found these plastic KAM clips with a locking mechanism and they hold one MUCH better than the MAM ones, I think nearly as good a the metal clasps do.  Again these are available in every color under the sun and different colors are slightly different costs but all pretty close to the same price.  This color was $8 for 15 clips. Cost per clip: $0.53

Final item needed grosgrain ribbon. I recently purchased a lot of 125 yards of ribbon, every color under the sun for $22. It worked out to $0.17 per yard, good deal. For each leash I needed only about 8 inches of ribbon. Cost of ribbon per leash: $0.04

At my local store a MAM pacifier leash runs about $6. Each leash I made cost me only $1.47. Since I actually reused the silicon rings from the two leashes I already had and just replaced the clips the ten leashes I made cost me a total of $12.90 vs. the $60 the same number of MAM leashes would have cost.                                  Total savings: $47.10

They are so simple to make! Here’s how I did it.


Original MAM pacifier with leash. This is what I am trying to improve on.


Cut 8 inches of grosgrain ribbon. This ribbon is 7/8″ wide my clips & rings had 1″ opening so this wa the perfect width.


Feed the ribbon through the ring and fold over about 1-1.25 inches of fabric. Sew this down with a zigzag stitch. You may want to go over it twice for security.


Feed the opposite end of your ribbon through the clip and fold over the same 1-1.25 inches of seam allowance. Sew down with a zigzag stitch. Trim your loose threads and you are done!


Doesn’t the new one look so much nicer than the original!


My hubby suggested that since we have 0-6 month size pacifiers and 6+ month I do them is separate colors. Good idea and the rings fit both sizes great. This was another flaw I had with the MAM rings, they only fit the 6+ size not the 0-6.


Twenty minutes later my pacifier jar is loaded with 10 new pacifiers on leashes.




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