Sippy Cup Leash

Ever since we started putting Daniel in his highchair I have had the problem of bottles and sippy cups going overboard. And then crying for them again a few minutes later. I finally got tired of being the sippy cup retriever and decided to make a sippy leash. I hope this will also help with baby #2 and bottles. I have gone from having 12 bottles to only having 4 that aren’t broken from being thrown over the side of the highchair.

So I looked through my odds and ends box of things I’ve salvaged from worn out items to reuse and discovered a blue plastic ring and a strip of self sticking Velcro. Add a roll of grosgrain ribbon I had bought in bulk for another project and I was in business.



I started with a 14 inch strip of ribbon. (Check that this will fit around your largest sippy cup with room to overlap)


I cut a second strip about 30 inches long.


Loop your shorter ribbon through the D ring and fold it back on itself with the end of the longer ribbon between the two pieces (Hopefully this picture illustrates better than I can describe!)


Sew a square around the two pieces doubling over to secure the ends.


fold the opposite end of your longest ribbon over a few inches to make a loop and sew a double seam to secure.


Sew a 6 inch strip of self sticking Velcro to the oppositeĀ end of the shorter ribbon using a zigzag stitch.


Your sippy cup leash is ready for use!



Thread the D ring end through the loop to attach to highchair arm and wrap the shorter end around the sippy cup, through the D ring & fold the Velcro over itself.


Sippy cup leash in use!


I also found these work great in the car. I attach the leash to the headrest of the seat in front of his carseat & then attach his sippy cup. Now when the sippy cup is dropped I don’t have to listen to crying because he can’t get it back until the next stop. It is right in front of him to reach out for. The length I cut these works perfectly for the car, and reaches the floor from his highchair.




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