Baby Bandannas , i.e Drool Catchers

My little guy is constantly drooling from teething. I hate constantly changing his clothes because they are wet with drool and he has figured out how to remove normal bibs so I needed a new solution. Well, grandpa came up with one the last time he babysat. He tied one of his bandannas around his neck, perfect drool catcher.

Instead of buying a bunch of bandannas I decided to use some of the free fabric I received from Freecycle. (If you want to save $ this is a great site to checkout. Offer a good item that you no longer need and ask for items no one else is using, kind of like recycling your items get reused by someone who needs them.) Since the fabric was free I paid nothing for theses bandannas. Here’s how I made them.



Start with a sheet of tissue paper, Fold one corner of the paper until it meets the opposite edge, forming a triangle. Make sure they are even. Trim off the excess. When you open it up you have a perfect square the same size as a bandanna.


Pin it down to your fabric and cut it out.


Fold into a triangle with the right sides of fabric together.


Pin those together and double pin an X at one corner to remind you not to sew all the way through that corner. That is where you will turn the fabric right side out again.


Sew around the two open sides of the triangle. (The color thread you use doesn’t matter here because you won’t see these stitches. I used the pink that was already threaded in my machine so you could see the contrast.)


Remember not to sew all the way to the last corner.

20140714_102955-3387571818-O 20140714_103021-3387572205-O 20140714_103012-3387571995-O20140714_103311-3387572466-O

Begin turning the fabric right side out, pulling it through the opening you left.  Until it is completely right side out.

20140714_103430-3387573064-O 20140714_103420-3387572825-O

Press it nice an smooth.


Now topstitch  all the way around the three edges. You can do a plain straight stitch or if your machine has the capability you can use a decorative stitch as I did here.


Finally tie it onto you little cowboy (or girl) for a super cute drool catcher!

(Aren’t I luck to have such an adorable model?!)


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