Family Update

We’ve been pretty busy lately so I thought I’d share a little of our family life.

We were browsing through a local thrift shop a few weeks ago & spotted a Cuisinart ice cream maker for $15! I know these normally run $60-$90 so I thought it was well worth a gamble to see if it would work. We took it home and made chocolate ice cream, it worked fine and Daniel thoroughly enjoyed his first experience with homemade ice cream.

wpid-2014-05-13-16.46.55.png.png wpid-20140504_042530.jpg wpid-20140504_042532.jpgIt kind of reminded us of Pooh in a honey pot. 🙂

While Daniel hasn’t started walking yet he is standing & pulling himself up more and since he started pulling up when we were playing outside I was a bit afraid of him getting something in his feet. So, he got his first pair of tennis shoes and is loving them.


What are these?


Look at me so big & tall in my new shoes!


Crawling is still the fastest way to get around!

Did you know we still get snow in Florida? It occures indoors when people ship things packed in packing peanuts to homes that have toddlers in them.

wpid-20140508_045837.jpg wpid-20140508_045856.jpg wpid-20140508_045909.jpg

At first I tried to prevent the mess but then I just gave in to the inevitable, laughed and pulled out the camera. Being Mamarazzi is so much more fun than having a clean house. I did eventually get most of the packing peanuts back into the box but occasionally I still find one. Such is life with a 10 month old.

Another great advantage to living in Florida, we have awesome wildlife & since we live right next door to a wildlife preserve we get to take full advantage of it. The kids love to stand and our back window and watch the ducks, birds, squirrels, coons, lizards, mice and other animals. We have several that are not shy at all and come right up to the window when they see the kids to say “Hi!” Just the other day this was right outside our back door.


Another activity that has been keeping us busy is sewing. Reggie & I have made several pair of maternity pants for me and this weekend I found 2 square yards of patterned PUL on a remnants rack at Joann Fabric. I was so excited because this stuff is super expensive and with this quantity I could make several swim diapers for Daniel since he has already outgrown the largest size I could get in the store. He was excited too, he watched me the whole time I was making them and as soon as I finished and let him hold them he started signing “please” and holding them for me to put them on him. I had made them a bit large, I’ll have to make the next size down but I know he will grow into these, so I just pulled them on over his diaper. he was so excited he wanted to wear them all evening &  keep smiling & patting the monkey pattern.


So, as you can see, life has been busy here and will soon be getting busier as Daniel will be a big brother in October. Busy, busy, busy…but so much fun.


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