Teething Baby

I haven’t been on the blog much lately because my hubby has a huge test coming up & I am trying to give him more time to study by not asking him to watch the baby so I can write. I can’t wait to get back, I have sooo many blogs all composed in my head when I have time to write them down!

I just dropped in for a quick note about a teething remedy I found. Daniel’s front four teeth all came in relatively easily but the back teeth are giving him more trouble. So much so he doesn’t even want to eat sometimes, even tough he is hungry.  I’ve tried teething rings, many, many many different teething rings, none of them work for him. I’ve tried frozen wash cloths, Origel, Hyland’s tabs and last night he even gnawed on hard pizza crust. That actually worked the best but daddy was afraid he might chock on it.

Well today I was getting lunch and I saw I had frozen a tub of small chunks of cheese. When my farmers market has “bits” of cheese left they chop it into small chunks and sell it for snacks. I used to buy it when I was pregnant to have a quick protein snack. I got some a few weeks ago and froze it thinking I would thaw out little bits at a time for the kids to snack on. It occurred to me that the cold might sooth his gums and it would be hard initially so I tried a piece. He loved it! He could work the cheese as much as his aching gums would allow and as he did it would slowly fall apart and melt in his mouth. He made a cheese mess but for a little while he was a very happy baby! He actually just finished his last piece as I was writing this post so I need to get back to him.

Anyone else have suggestions for teething?

wpid-20140129_123150.jpg wpid-20140129_123153.jpg

MOM, I’m out of cheese!


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