A Fresh Clean New Year!

Yesterday I got inspired to begin the end of year/beginning of year de-cluttering (with two toddlers underfoot it will take me a few days). I decided to employ a strategy that has worked for me in the past and starting at one end of the house I concentrated on one area of one room until it was fully organized. The kids had some fun with new “toys” to keep them occupied while I worked (i.e. pots & wooden spoons.)

wpid-20131231_134459.jpg wpid-20131231_134516.jpg wpid-20131231_134647.jpg wpid-20131231_134710.jpg

and I was able to organize their cupboard in the kitchen as well as give the kitchen & dinning area a thorough cleaning.  Today I will tackle the next room and hopefully be able to keep the progress going; although I have experienced that two little ones can undo everything I do almost as fast as I do it!

Apparently my inspiration was timely as this morning I read a great blog post by Karen Ehman with even more tips on de-cluttering.


She has some great ideas. Most I’ve used before and can be very helpful so check out her blog post here: http://www.karenehman.com/2013/12/christmas-break-de-cluttering/.

My only problem is going to be finding boxes that haven’t been demolished by being converted into play areas!

Box Play

Box Play

I might have to dig out my laundry hampers instead. 🙂

Well, I’d better get cleaning if I hope to celebrate the New Year with a Newly organized house!

Happy New Year!


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