A Beautiful Christmas Gift

God gave Daniel & his little playmate a beautiful Christmas gift this morning. We were out walking and I  saw a flock of Ibis and a pair of Muscovy ahead of us. I always carry bird seed in the stroller in case we run into some birds bur so far we have been unsuccessful in coaxing  any to come close enough for the children to focus in on. I tossed out some bird seed just to see and suddenly the three of us were in the middle of a flock of bird. V. was pointing and yelling “Bir. Bir.” and Daniel could almost ouch them when her reached out. They paid no attention to us, just calmly ate their birdseed all around us while we watch and wondered at God’ wonderful creation.

2013-12-23 09.16.44 2013-12-23 09.16.38 2013-12-23 09.16.33

A wonderful Christmas gift for God to a little boy & girl who thoroughly enjoyed it.

And now we are going celebrate Christmas and my birthday by spreading a little Christmas cheer to a few people who are not able to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season as we are.

Merry Christmas!


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