Baby Food Bonanza

Remember yesterday I had this great Farmer’s Market find of items to process into baby food?


Well it took me most of the day working alone & them most of the evening into the night with my husbands help to finish up but here is the end result:

Baby food bonanza!

Baby food bonanza!

It took a lot of work to try to get everything in the picture! Her’s what you are looking at along with a cost estimate of what the amount of baby food would cost in the store.

58 oz Pumpkin Yogurt Smoothie = $87.00

158 oz sweet potatoes =  $237.00

28 oz banana yogurt = $42.00

52 oz peas =  $78.00

120 oz Avocado & Banana = $180.00

528 oz applesauce = $792.00

Total cost to buy in store $1,416.00

Total spent $17.85 

Total savings $1,398.15!


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