Today’s Baby Project


This little cutie just finished the last of my stock of Pumpkin Yogurt Smoothie for breakfast.  And by the end of the day he will have cleaned out my entire stock of homemade baby food. He is a hungry growing boy! So my wonderful husband volunteered to stop at the Local Farmers Market before heading in to work this morning to see what he could find for making baby food.  Fifteen dollars later this is what he brought back.


Baby food ingredients

So today I am restocking my baby food supply with:


Sweet Potatoes

Avocado & Banana

Pumpkin yogurt smoothie

Banana yogurt

and I pulled out some peas I had bought for  $2.85


So I’ll also make some Minty Green Peas

Total cost $17.85

I’ll update when I’m finished with my total yield and cost savings vs. store bought baby food.

This is also a perfect opportunity to test my various pouches with a variety of different foods. Right now this little munchkin & I have to get busy!

Ready to help Mommy make Baby food!

Ready to help Mommy make Baby food!


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