What’s Baby Eating? | Minty Green Peas

I have always loved peas. Growing up my mom told me they were “garden candy” and these sweet green nuggets from the garden really do taste almost like candy when prepared right and they are much healthier! Over the years we have grown them at various times but they rarely make it to the table because I will eat them straight from the garden, right out of their pods like candy from a wrapper!

Daniel must take after me in this regard because I made these minty green peas while he watched and let him lick my fingers before I filled the pouches. He was so excited and then proceeded to demand one of the pouches, loudly and with great force. He finished an entire pouch and I was only saved the demand for a second one by the arrival of Daddy. Fortunately this distraction prevented him eating my whole supply!

minty green peas

minty green peas

1 bag frozen peas
1 healthy sprig of fresh mint

Steam peas for 20 minutes. Feed through food mill with mint twice or blend to a puree in blender. Fill pouches and freeze. When ready to serve thaw in a dish of hot water.


3 thoughts on “What’s Baby Eating? | Minty Green Peas

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