What’s for Dinner? | Chipotle Bowls

A friend recently introduced me to Chipotle bowls. Yum! The food was second only to the fellowship we shared over it!  Since I can’t buy Chipotle every night I decided to see if I could recreate this at home. For those of you who don’t know a Chipotle bowl is basically a burrito layered in a bowl. Well I never really liked burritos b/c they were to big and messy to eat but in a bowl, genius! And I could make them FodMap friendly for my hubby, yet another meal to add to my repertoire!

You can get this started early in the morning in your crock-pot and quickly assemble it for dinner. The longest cooking item is the beans. I buy the beans that my husband is allowed to eat in bulk whenever they go on sale so I had half gallon jar of pinto beans already for this recipe.

For the bean layer

To a large sauce pot add:

16 oz of dry pinto beans

4 cups of broth

2 cups of water

Bring to a boil then pour into your crock-pot, add enough water to cover beans by about an inch of liquid if necessary.


1 tablespoon fresh chives or 2 green onions chopped fine

1 chipotle pepper in adobe sauce chopped fine

1 tablespoon jalapeno’s chopped fine

Cook on high for 5-6 hours stirring occasionally if you are home. You can leave them in the crock-pot without stirring if you work but the top beans will turn a little darker, it’s just visual.

For the Rice Layer

About an hour before you want to eat, Add to a heavy bottomed pot:

1 ½ cups brown rice

4 ½ cups chicken broth

Bring to a boil then cover and reduce heat, stirring occasionally until all liquid is absorbed. If you have a fresh lime squeeze the juice over the rice just before serving and stir.

For the Chicken Layer

Put 1 teaspoon olive oil in skillet


 1 lb cooked chicken

 2 Tablespoons fajita seasoning

1 Tablespoon lime juice

1 packet liquid bullion or a few tablespoons broth

Sauté until warmed through

To assemble

Place a scoop of rice in bowl

Top with a scoop of beans

Add a spoonful of chicken

Add a spoonful of salsa

Sprinkle your favorite FodMap friendly cheese (I used hard Cheddar and Parmesan mixed)

Top with a spoonful of sour cream and if you are not on FodMap add a spoonful of guacamole. FodMap eaters leave off the guacamole.

Homemade Chipolte bowls

Homemade Chipolte bowls

Oh so yummy, Chipotle bowls at home. Thanks you so much Luz for introducing me to this yummy dish!


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