What’s for Dinner? | Wild Rice Pilaf (FodMap)

This recipe took a little more time than I usually spend for a dinner side but it made enough rice to last for several weeks so it was good well worth the extra work.

To a heavy bottom pot add:

Wild Rice Pilaf

Wild Rice Pilaf

2 cups broth

2 bay leaves

4-6 sprigs of thyme tide with kitchen twine

Bring to a boil and add:

1 cup wild rice

Reduce to simmer and cook 35-40 minutes.

If all the broth is absorbed before the rice is softened add another 1/2 cup and cook until soft

Meanwhile to a 12″ skillet add:

3 T butter

1 green onion chopped fine

1 carrot chopped fine

1 celery stalk chopped fine

1 t kosher salt

Sauté for 3-5 minutes then add:

1 cup rice (I used short grain brown rice)

1 cup orzo

Cook until transparent another 3-5 minutes then add:

2 1/2 cups broth

2 bay leaves

4-6 sprigs thyme tied with twine

Simmer until rice is tender and liquid is absorbed

Discard herbs and combine wild rice and regular rice mixture. Set aside.

This is enough rice to serve a family of eight twice or a family of two for several weeks. Package according to your usage and refrigerate.


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