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Earth’s Best Baby Food Pouch

About a month ago one of my local stores was running a sale for Earth’s Best Baby Food Pouches. Since I also had a coupon I could get a substantial savings and I thought it might be a good idea to have a few on hand for possible emergencies so I got a couple with my coupons. Normally these run anywhere from a $1.33 to $1.50 per pouch, you can find them on Amazon for $1.18 for some flavors.

Obviously, I don’t want to spend this much money on a single serving of baby food as a general rule. So this weekend I went to the local Farmer’s Market and picked up a few items to make baby food with. Just in the last week Daniel has gone from being interested in what we are eating and enjoying small tastes of new flavors, to demanding that he get about 2-3 ounces of “real food” each day. So it is time for Mommy to learn how to satisfy this hungry boy without being “eaten out of house and home.” as the saying goes.

I picked up:

Carrots $1.50

Sweet potatoes $1.50

Avocado & Banana $0.75

Total $3.75 – about the same as three pouches of Earth’s Best. (I am comparing to Earth’s Best because it is the healthiest, most natural and most like what I will make from scratch. I want to be sure I am comparing apples to apples; or baby food to baby food as it were.)


Avocado & Banana: fresh, pure, organic, wholesome baby food pouches

My amazing husband was able to combine a coupon, sale and gift card to get me the Infantino Squeeze Station and a box of 50 pouches at almost no cost to us. I did not want to waste them for everyday use since they are not the reusable pouches but I did want a few of each of his favorite foods in pouches for when we go out.  I also learned that items that brown when exposed to air (Avocado, Banana, etc) work nicely with these since they are air tight and keep them looking nice and fresh.

I loaded the carrots into the steamer, not a fancy, too expensive for a single use item,  baby food steamer but just my normal Breville Steamer that I use almost every night for making dinner, and put the sweet potatoes in the oven to roast.

While those cooked, I fed the avocado & banana through my Kitchen Aid food mill but you can use a food processor or blender if you don’t have a food mill.  The food mill is less to clean up when I’m done & Daniel enjoys sitting on the counter next to me and watching me make his food. He gets so excited when he sees it coming out into the dish.

I made a total of seven avocado & banana pouches, plus I froze some banana in cubes and whole. One of the best teething rings is a frozen banana in the fresh food feeder!

When the carrots were very soft from the steamer I sprinkled a little dill on them and fed them through the food mill with just enough of the vitamin rich water that collected in my steamer reservoir to make them the consistency he can eat right now. (This varies from age to age so you just have to know what is best for your child at the time you are cooking.) I only filled three pouches with carrots, since they will not brown and I made 22 one ounce ice cubes with the rest. I can quickly thaw out as many ounces as I need at a time in the steamer when he is ready to eat them.

I also milled the sweet potatoes when they were done in the oven.  Since sweet potatoes are currently Daniel’s favorite food I filled seven pouches and made the rest into cubes, I had fifteen ounces of cubes when I finished.

Here is all the baby food I made with my $3.75, except the two ounces Daniel ate right away for his dinner.

Homemade pure, organic, wholesome baby food.

Homemade pure, organic, wholesome baby food.

Cost Break Down & Comparison

Carrots – $1.50 – yield 3 four ounce pouches & 22 one ounce cubes – Total 34 oz – Cost to purchase equivalent amount of Earth’s Best baby food $40.80

Sweet Potatoes – $1.50 – yield 7 four ounce pouches & 15 one ounce cubes – Total 43 oz – Cost to purchase equivalent amount of Earth’s Best baby food $51.60

Avocado & Banana – $0.75 – yield 7 four ounce pouches and 3 one ounce cubes – Total 31 oz – Cost to purchase equivalent amount of Earth’s Best baby food $37.20

If I had purchase all of this baby food “ready made” my total cost would have been $129.60!

My total savings amounted to $125.85!

Well worth a few hours work in the kitchen, I’d say!


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