What Are You Reading?

Isn't He cute? Little Reader just like his Mama.

Isn’t He cute? Little Reader just like his Mama.

I am the happy new Mama to a 3 month old little boy.  While I adore him and would not trade this time in our lives for the world, I have to be honest and say the first 6 weeks of his life were the hardest of mine. While I have always loved caring for children, even having working as a nanny for several years, I have never been the main caregiver for such a tiny, new life 24/7. I had no nearby friends with newborns and many of my other friends had not had a newborn for over 40 years. Also, with several of my friends expecting their first child within a few months after mine they were looking to me for advice. Fortunately, I have a lifelong love of reading and when Daniel was six weeks old, and my husband and I were at our wits end, our Family Ministries Pastor’s wife recommended a book to me that took our nightmare existence to enjoyable life with a newborn.

I had such a good experience with this book, and it was so nice to read again, that I decided to keep going. I found I spent so much time in the nursing chair that I was able to get quit a bit of reading done during that time.  As Daniel grew a bit older and had more waketime many of the books I wanted to read were available on Audible so I could listen to them while we were playing or when he was sleeping and while I was doing housework.

To date I have gone through roughly 10 books in the last two months. These books have been so helpful to me that I thought I would do a short review of each; giving my friends the opportunity to see what is covered in each, what might be applicable to them and which they might like to read for themselves.

I’ll begin with BabyWise, the book that was first recommended to me and has made such an amazing difference in our lives.


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